Styling Placeholder Text With CSS

To change the placeholder styles, you can use the following code :

::-webkit-input-placeholder { /** In Webkit browsers**/
color: #5C5C5C;
::-moz-placeholder { /** In Mozilla*/
color: #5C5C5C;

This code will change the color of all the placeholders present in the page.  You have to use both sets of the code give above if you want the style to be consistent in all browsers.  The first code is for webkit browsers such as Google Chrome and Apple Safari. The second code is exclusively for Mozilla Firefox.

If you want to style a specific placeholder, use the code below :

.customclass::-webkit-input-placeholder {
color: #b5b5b5;
.customclass::-moz-placeholder {
color: #b5b5b5;

Using this code, placeholders of fields with class name ‘customclass’ will change color to #b5b5b5.


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